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Hi All,
Well I'm not brand new to the hobby but I haven't had a tank in 30 years! Now I finally have the room, haha, the kids have gone Years ago I had a 20 gallon that I grew my red and tiger baby oscars in, then transferred them to a 50 gallon, where they just grew and grew. Had them with a jack dempsy and a porthole cichlid. They were the best, they would come to the top of the water so I could pet their heads. Like little fishy dogs! I am now looking for another tank. Possible a 55 gal., only the depth of 12 or 13" doesn't thrill me, very narrow, but maybe not. I'm not going to keep oscars this time.
I found an add for a 55 gal. tank, stand, power whisper 70 filter, heater, bulb and fixture, decor,natural rock,air pump and python water changing system for $250. Sounds good, but the boyfriend is afraid since it is not new(2yrs old) that it might break and there would be tons of water all over. What do you think, is price good and buying a used tank, is there anything I can do to it to assure it would be sound? Thanks for any info, I thought is was a decent price. If I start a 75 gal from scratch it's going to cost me much more from what I saw out there in the stores.
Thanks for any info, sorry to run on too long.
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