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You're welcome.

People are using everything it seems. Turns out gravel vs sand is a hot topic; the sand being more in line w/ their natural habitat (a place my fish have never seen), and then w/in the sand camp there’s debate on grit size… So many choices, pool sand , playground sand etc … Most are concerned w/ the fish rooting around in the substrate for food and the subsequent barbel erosion. I’m in the camp that feels barbel erosion is more the result of poor water quality /dirty substrate/ bacterial infection, than substrate. But I only use gravel, I'm sure sand can be pretty abrasive, like the old glass gravels. In the past I’ve had corys and kuhli loaches in tanks w/ pea gravel from the lumber yard, without any issues (other than water hardness, due to the pea gravel). The only time I’ve seen erosion was w/ a group of pygmies I received from a club member, who had kept them in a bare bottom tank. I notice that some were having trouble eating, and upon closer inspection saw that they had gaping holes where the snout should have been. A couple of weeks in clean water and antibiotics and they recovered, but it was pretty disgusting. Now I take a close look at everything before it goes into the tanks…
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