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Not sure on the temp/holding, and I could be off a day. The chart that I had posted had 10 days holding, but doesn’t indicate temperatures. I had read 12 – 15 somewhere on the internet, but w/ temps in the high 70*s. From what I’ve read, my tank can get 10* warmer than ideal for the fish (it’s on a sunny windowsill). Fortunately fish don’t read (could be they just don’t have access to the internet) and they spawned anyway! I’m sure at lower temps they would have metabolized slower, and he would have held them longer. Next month …. Meanwhile, he just consumed a quarter, of a hikari bloodworm cube, poor boy’s hungry. When I noticed the fry, I fed the tank microworms and baby brine, but I'm sure they found plenty to eat prior to that, the tank has an airstone, plants, and lots of mulm. Think I’ll add a sponge…
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