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Default Vastu Aquarium Health and Well Being Benefits

According to Vastu beliefs and medical proponents of Vastu Aquariums, the following have been attributed to properly maintained, attractive fish tanks.

1. Lowering of Blood Pressure, lessening of Insomnia, Anxiety, and Stress. (My Flowerhorn tank apparently is missing some necessary attributes: the fish are beautiful and tank well landscaped, but the enmity between the male and female except in breeding season sometimes keeps me up fretting at night.)

2. As the water symbolizes the flow of life, the bubbling and sounds of the water increase postive energy in the visual and audio area.

3. Heart Attack victims who have aquariums supposedly live longer.

4. Children with ADHD behave better after watching aquariums.

5. Alzheimers Patients and the elderly eat more after watching attractive aquaria.

6. Effects on Pain: Many Hospitals and Dental Offices have large aquaria in their waiting areas because of the calming effect on persons in pain. New York Presbyterian Hospital obviously thinks so, as it has a large Reef Tank in the Urgent Care waiting room. I did find my broken ankle somewhat less on my mind when I got absorbed in their Copperband Butterfly's penchant for eating the live rock last Good friday. Dental studies contrasting hypnosis with aquarium watching have found them equal in controlling pain.
Dr. Robert Price
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