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That's a shame you shouldn't give up . You expressed algae ; ok I just setup a 15 gallon tank saltwater with live rock and sand , after a week or so I started getting brown algae all over sand and rock , I told this to a friend and he said you need a cleanup crew so before I got the crew I added a clown to help with the cycle then I purchased 3 nerite snails and boy they are cleaning up .Now I have added another clown and a small bunch of dragon breath and a green star polyp , everything is doing well so far and the tank is 1 month old .Equipment = 1 hob 20 aqua clear ; I crummy 50 watt visa therm and a 4 bulb two switch light two blue and two white . Nitrate r less than 5 and I did my first water change yesterday 1 gallon Remember when adding water for evaporation fresh water only as salt does not evaporate. I HOPE THIS HELPS
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