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Originally Posted by roberto View Post
Shrimp are a natural foodsource for fish. Even the peaceful community fish, if they can fit that shrimp in their mouth they will prolly eat it up. I have found that Heterandria formosa, the Least killifish (a live bearer that is non-canabalistic) is so small that it can be kept safely with the shrimp. I was pleased to find that the plant buddy, Otocinclus, the dwarf suckermouth catfish (likes cool water) may also be kept in algae eating harmony.
I bought Blue Pearl Shrimp and have them in a 10 Gallon heavily planted tank with Boraras brigittae and Rasbora dorsiocellata macrophthalma (small Emerald Eye Rasboras). The Boraras are mid water fish about the same size as the shrimp, less than 1 centimeter and the Rasboras are a little larger but they are upper water fish and don't bother the shrimp. In fact the Boraras have been seen to back off when the shrimp come near them. The secret it seems to putting shrimp and fish together is to pick your stock based on size and aggression, and to keep them well fed.
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