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Originally Posted by dsuperman View Post
See, when you SELL fish they usually write back. "All is swell , i arrived alive and well"
So you just kicked that poor Barbatus to the curb and now you're a killie nut? Make up my mind already!

Seriously, looks like a great addition to your collection,its always a wonder why killiefish are not more popular. That fish is pretty and seems kinda rare,is it an annual? So now put yer bifocals on and start picking eggs on a daily basis.
No, the barbs are still here, they're waiting for the girls to arrive

non annual according to this site : http://

Found more eggs this morn, in mop and on the glass, so now I don't know what I have. The candidates are killies, ottos or c. napoensis, or a combination thereof Lots were bad, so it might be the napos which are huge and never spawn. But I'm hoping that the ottos are coming of age, and that the first spawn was bad...there were about 60 eggs on the glass , catfish style. But who knows?? We'll see if anything hatches...
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