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Default Fluval 406 canister filter for 55 gallon fish tank

Whether you have used a canister filter like the Fluval 406 canister filter, or havenít used one, you will still understand the importance of proper water filtration in your aquarium. A Canister filter is not only able to handle solid waste, but chemical and biological wastes as well. There are other factors that you need to be aware when buying a canister filter, so letís look more in depth at the Fluval 406 canister filter.

The Fluval 406 at a glance:
- Mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration.
- Perfect for Aquariums under 100 gallons (flow rate 383 gph). And certainly it is a good choice as 55 gallon fish tank filter.
Typically it is packaged with:

- 4 baskets for media
- carbon
- biological media
- 2 foam blocks
- Tubing and suction cups
- Three Year Warranty
- Instructional DVD and paper manual
The older models of Fluval canisters were a pain to get started. Fortunately they have fixed that with a self priming feature so that you donít have to worry about sucking tank water through a hose and in to your mouth. You can literally be up and running within 15 minutes.
Most canister filters are either good with water flow, big media basket, or a quality pump. Fortunately the Fluval 406 is a combination of all of them. Having a powerful water flow is important to stir up debris so that it can be filtered and also to help improve the oxygen levels in your tank. So it is also important to have a quality pump to handle the job. Having a large media basket allows for better filtration so you are not pumping wastes back in to your tank.
Another great thing is the tight locking snaps and seals to prevent leaks. There is nothing worse than waking up to your fish tank emptied out on your living room floor. But on another note, these same snaps make it a breeze to change media and do other maintenance. If you are a beginner, this will benefit you greatly. Aquariums have a lot of things you need to look after so having a filter that is built to be stress free will allow you to take care of more important things.
To conclude our opinion of the Fluval 406 canister filter, you will find some comfort with the 3 year warranty it comes with. This filter is top of the line and you would be silly to skip it. Taking care of chemical, biological, and mechanical wastes is important in maintaining a healthy tank, so donít skimp on the equipment youíre using.
Keeping fish is very happy, I have started with a 10-gallon fish tank and then I understand I need a 20 gallon fish tank to keep the tank ideal for fish then I decide to buy a new 55 gallon fish tank
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