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Default Chiller, Minimum flow rates, Questions

I have a 1/5 hp that I bought used.
No owners manual, can't find the maker in searches.
I found a ball park for minimum flow rate on this size chiller to be 300-1320GPH (lowest to highest suggested rates I could find).
What happens if I run the chiller below the minimums?
I imagine that the water freezes before it can exit?
What if the demand is well below the units capacity to chill?
Wouldn't the cooling simply shut off?
Any help here would be much appreciated.

I have a Freshwater 55G, want to collect US species, heavily planted (again US), running two eheim 2236 filters.
The combined (factory) flow rate is 318 gph (159 x 2).

The fella that sold it saw no problem, saying that things would be fine if I simply hooked up my filter outlet (5/8") to the chiller inlet (3/4") by soaking the tubing in boiling water.

Why don't I just do it?
I remember at some point he mentioned a mag9 being used in his larger tank and a suggestion that I use a mag 7.
These are pond pumps that create a flow rate which would uproot my plants and make the fish look like they were in a blender.
This is what had me looking up minimum flow rates.

I have a 259GPH powerhead in there now that is slowly exposing the root systems, but the fish dig the riffle.
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Okay, no replies.
I haven't let this one go.
Been drawing up plans and searching everywhere.

Here is a possible answer.
It's a saltwater solution to my problem.
I don't know how I arrived at the idea of allowing the water to overflow.
I was thinking of using silicone to place a plexi devider into the display at a shorter height to allow water to feed the required piump...
The sump/refuge systems usually take water from *drilled* tanks, but I found Hang On Back systems for sale, which lead me to a DIY system.
What do you folks think of this?
It seems the best way to get mass amounts of water out of the display tank without sucking everything else with the water.

All these salties on here, ya know...
Looking back on this question, I'm suprised that overflow boxes were not suggested.
I suppose everyone here is "Drill baby drill".
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