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Default Help For Monster Koks, Pink Plus

I was recently asked on Yahoo Fish Answers whether it pays to give Flowerhorns Pink Plus (a vitamin supplement that claims to enhance color) and Help for Monster Koks, a formula that purports to increase hump size in Flowerhorns. My answer was that if you want to spend th extra money, they can't hurt, but are not proven effective and are secondary to the crude protein in the diet of Flowerhorns. Both Jing Chan, the prominent importer, and I agree that Flowerhorns need a diet of a minimum 45% crude protein for maximum growth, color and hump size. I have always fed mine Tetra Jumbo Sticks, which are 47% crude protein, and thumbnail sized shrimp pieces every other day. You can grow a $100 5-6" teenager into a $400+ breeder in a year on this regimen. No vitamins, and especially no live foods which greatly enhance the chance of them catching Hexamita. Grand Sumo and Chingmix are also excellent foods. For smaller specimens, I recommend Cobalt Aquatics Pro Breeder (45% crude protein) , and Tetra Cichlid Sticks (46% protein).

Flowerhorns are enormous eaters, but very particular about their foods. Mine will not eat Crab Classic instead of Shrimp, and do eat a few Hikari Carnivore Sticks which are only 40% crude protein, but they act like they are doing me a favor when they do. They are not crazy about pellets that smell like Salmon. They literally jump out of the water to catch parboiled shrimp pieces.

My best Red Dragon Male breeder, 2 years old and 12 inches long with a kok as big as an orange has been raised entirely on Cobalt, Tetra Jumbo Sticks, and Shrimp.

Products like Help for Monster Kok and Humpy Head are leftover from days past when there were anabolic hormones in Oriental Flowerhorn foods, but are misleading as without an exogenous testosterone source, Flowerhorn humps are entirely genetically determined.
Dr. Robert Price
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