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Default My Tank is KILLING my fish!

I recently bought a new ten gallon tank set to use as quarantine tank. It came with a tank, hood with a light, filter, heater, and other goodies I didn't use. I set it up and filled it with salt water from my main tank. Since it's main purpose is to treat sick fish and quarantine new fish I didn't include any sand or gravel, but I was told by someone at the store to get a piece of live rock to put in the tank. I put a clown fish in the quarantine tank and it died over night. I spoke to people at the fish store to insure I didn't do anything to kill the fish and was told that it sounded like I set up the tank and acclimated the fish properly and bought another clown. It lasted about 48 hours and then died.

I spoke to the fish store again, and was told that something in the tank was toxic. As I was advised, I completely dismantled the quarantine tank, I rinsed everything, including the heater, filter, thermometer, and live rock in addition to the tank itself. I replaced the water, again with water from my main tank (the fish and livestock in the main tank are doing fine). I tested the water, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, where good, and the ph level was at 8.0 and the kit says optimal levels are 8.2-8.4. I bought a Domino or black damsel, because I was told they are very hardy fish, and introduced him to the tank. He died the the next afternoon.

Can anyone help? What can I do to clean the tank and the components so that my fish aren't killed by my tank?
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how did you do wht this tank issue?
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Default Resolved...?

Was this issue resolved? If not, I would recommend the quarantine tank remain bare, i.e. no live rock. Good Luck.
David Lund
Gainesville, Georgia
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