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Default eels

What is a good moray to raise? Something hardy and does not get too big?
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I have kept snowflakes many time over the years. I like them for a few reasons, first they are nice looking as eels go, seceond they are very hardy, and third they only get about 2 feet long. Yes only 2 feet which is small considering most morays can get to 6 feet and even more. That's not something for most home aqariums. The snowflakes are manageable in tanks as small as 75 gal, preferable a little bigger. They are easily fed, as they will pretty much eat any kind of meat. Like shrimp, prawn, small crabs, silverside, clams, mussels they are not very fussy. A few down side to keeping most eels, first don't expect to arrange your tank to much they will do that for you. Yes they will knock down rocks from burrowing, so setup your tank accordingly. Second secure your canopy or hood good they can fit out of small openings, and will( do not leave hood open and unattended). Third make sure tank mate are not small enough for them to be eaten. Still don't let these thing discourage you they are still great pets. Give it a try.
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snoflakes are the most popular in the hobby, they are quite hardy due to eel's natural defenses. Their skin is covered with toxins that kills off any pathogenic organisms that would otherwise attack other types of fish. Keep in mind that while they have extremely keen sense of smell, they are nearly blind so keep your fingers out of the water when feeding them; use prongs to hold the pray and wigle it in front of it.
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