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Default Baby Training for Pseudobalistes

Pseudobalistes is a tiny baby Fuscus Triggerfish whom I got for my 29 gallon reef tank 4 weeks ago. It was the size of a thumbnail in a tank with about 30 other tiny baby triggerfish. My intent was to get it very young and spoil it rotten so it becomes coral reef safe. I bought it way out on Long Island, so did not feed it the first evening home. It was probably starving and did help itself to 2 or 3 small coral polyps. The next day, it was camped out at the base of a large coral skeleton right where the AquaClear 70 filter (running on Purigen) outflow creates a bottom current, so I took some very small slices of fresh shrimp in the shell and let the filter flow take them to the bottom where it prefers to stay. It must have eaten at least half its weight in shrimp the first day. Now it gets fed as much as it will eat, either diced shrimp in the shell or live brine shrimp twice a day. It sleeps behind the small coral reef but has not touched any corals since the first day, and is usually waiting in its feeding spot some 15 minutes after the lights go on in the AM. You can see a picture exactly like it by searching "Images of Fuscus Triggerfish." It is now 1.2 inches and looks exactly like the one in the photo array that is being held in someone's hand.
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