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Default Vastu and Feng Shui Aquariums

The keeping of certain fish, very often Parrot Cichlids, Flowerhorns, Red Mammons, and Arowanas is an important part of Chinese Feng Shui, along with Goldfish Bowls with have been traditionally considered bringers of good fortune for centuries. Many Chinese households and shops have altars to Fuk Lu Shou, the three dome-headed dieites of Blessings, Fortune, and Prosperity. Gold and Red colored fish and especially fish with humps such as male Flowerhorns and Mammons are though to invoke these Gods. Arowanas are treasured as they resemble the Dragon.

Hindu Vastu is even more complicated. It requires that a household have 9 fish, 8 of them gold, orange or red, and 1 black one. This is because Hindu mythology claims Vishnu appeared with 9 avatars. The aquarium or aquaria have to be in the southeast corner of the living room. Since fish sleep with their eyes open, they are believed to drive evil influences out of the house around the clock and promote wealth.

This is contributing reason why Oriental aquarium stores carry so many Parrot Cichlids and Flowerhorns.
Dr. Robert Price

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