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Default Is this shop light good for 55 gallon planted tank?

Hi All,
I have a 55 gallon freshwater planted tank and I bought a 3 bulb 48" T8 shop light from Home Depot - need your opinion.

I've got tree 6500K bulbs (3 x 2,750 = 8,250 lumens), a glass top, and light is suspended an inch or so on top of the tank.
I have CaribSea substrate and pressurized CO2, as well as dosing fertilizer once in a while.
Not sure if this is important: it is a community tank with guppies, rose barb tetras, neons ...

Do you think that I have sufficient light, and if yes, what plants can I have?

Shop light and light bulbs (click on the link to go to Home Depot website):
Philips 4 ft. T8 32-Watt Daylight Deluxe (6500K) Linear Fluorescent ALTO II Light Bulb (2-Pack)

Lithonia Lighting 3-Light Suspended Black Diamond Plate Fluorescent Shop Light

Estimated PAR values (based on an article from some other forum)

Distance from substrate: 18":
PAR | PAR adjusted for glass (PAR less 30%)
90 | 63

Distance from substrate: 15"
PAR | PAR adjusted for glass (PAR less 30%)
114 | 79.8

Thank you in advance!
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