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Default Piston Pumps

The last one I ever saw was the one I had on my big tank back in the 60s
It was a somewhat noisy thing and needed constant adjustment to keep it pumping properly
The piston was somewhat like a ticking windup namtle clock
The sound is intermittent so noticeable where a vibrator pump is more like white noise which is more easily tuned out
There was a pressure can between the pump and the gang valves so that the pressure was equalized across the pressure and recovery phases of the stroke and a check valves on both sides of the pressure can (belt and suspenders kinds guy) since the pump sat on the floor four feet or so below the water surface and I didn't want to risk the pump sucking water down on the recovery (but I never had much faith in those check valves with the springs in them)
I couldn't buy one when I set up my tank four or five years ago and wanted to make sure I had more than enough air

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