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First let me say that I have no experience with chillers either although I have researched them
I don;t have A/C so should have one on my tank (I have cooked glass cat fish alive during heat spells) but have been put off by the cost
That out of the way:
I don't think you can think about the contents other than water of the tank not factoring into the equation
That STUFF is in the tank and is going to be the same temperature as the water...until you change the water temperature
Once the water cool to warm the STUFF is going to give up its latent heat and "try to raise the water temperature"
And once the water gets cool and starts to warm the STUFF is going to absorb heat from the water and "try to cool it"
In essence I think that the STUFF will act as a short term buffer for your tank temperature
Regarding the pump requirement, the chiller is a heat exchanger and my research showed that they seem to be sold without any way of getting water to and from them
If you are using a canister filter it seems like you might be able to route the water from the filter to the chiller and then back to the tank but the filter and the chiller might lrequire different flow rates to make them operate optimally

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