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Default Water Chillers

I have no experience with chillers. I want to incorporate one in set up of my 72gal planted tank .
I have never needed a heater as the lighting always made my tank run hot .

In a planted tank, substrate and rocks/design displace lots of water- so the tank will not actually have 72gals
in it.

Do water chillers run better at manimum rated output or are they over rated, should one purchase more than one needs?

I know with filters I have always needed more than recommended is this also true of chillers?
When you buy a chiller they say water pump not included. What does it mean? Does it mean you need to have a pump to go with your filter and chiller and UV sterilizer? This is fundamental but to me more critical than CO2 injection. I have to hold temperature and in an economical way.
For example:
Chiller Specs
1/13 HP
Tank Size up to 50 Gallons
13.5" x 8.5" x 13" Dimensions
1/2" & 1/2" inlet/outlet
BTU - 800
Chilling Capability - 30 Gal: 20F / 60 Gal: 10F
Flow GPH 50-260 (note water pump sold separate)

Say you had a 50 gal tank but 1/4 of it was substrate/ wood and rocks.
Would this chiller be effectual in keeping the tank temp down to + - 10F
Any edxplanations would be greatly appreciated- also before I buy a unit- what is recommended.

Cool receptions,

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Paul Ricoeur
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